Metal Surface Treatment

  • An Overview of Surface Treatment Technology in Metal Plating and Processing

    An Overview of Surface Treatment Technology in Metal Plating and Processing

    Surface treatment technology is extensively utilized across various domains such as electroplating, decorative electroplating, functional plating, anti-corrosion plating, and electronic electroplating. This technology demands precision, superior quality, and cost-effectiveness in the surface treatment processes. Notably, advanced galvanization plays a crucial role in surface treatment technology. Metal surface treatment or plating involves a complex process encompassing pre-treatment, multiple plating processes, and post-treatment. Additionally, the material and finishing method employed must also be taken into consideration.
  • The Future Trend of Surface Treatment

    The Future Trend of Surface Treatment

    Green and environmentally friendly: With the increasing importance of environmental protection, the development of surface treatment technology will focus on reducing pollution, saving energy, and reducing waste.
    Integration and automation: Surface treatment equipment will become more integrated and automated, with the integration of various processes and the use of intelligent control systems.
    Precision and efficiency: The surface treatment process will require higher precision and efficiency to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing.
    Digitalization and intelligence: Surface treatment equipment will be equipped with digital and intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, to realize real-time monitoring and intelligent control.
  • Reducing Total Cost of Operation While Meeting Quality and Uptime Targets

    Reducing Total Cost of Operation While Meeting Quality and Uptime Targets

    •Efficiently adjusts the optimal electric current required for various types of plating, thus improving plating quality
    •Responds to the need for energy-saving measures
    •Operates with low noise levels
    •Produces no pollution
    •Power electronics technologies, semiconductor elements for power supplies, conversion technology, and control technology have been continuously advancing
    •Development of higher frequency wave-length technology for power supplies has revolutionized the conventional concept of power supply for plating
    •Inverter power supplies and pulse power supplies have been commercialized
    •Strives for higher precision and efficiency
    •Simultaneously developing smaller and lighter devices
    •Aims to improve energy efficiency and quality through centralized management of automated plating lines based on microcontroller technology
    •Committed to collaborating with customers to design and implement the most cost-effective and efficient way to power their production
    •Reduces the total cost of operation while meeting output quality and uptime targets

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